City Street

A temporal Installation


 This is an Installation that talks about my own experience living in the city. I recently moved back to NYC, so I took that experience and made it a part of my own work, then digested all of the information that a city as complex and interesting as NYC is able to give.


Done in my S.V.A., New York Studio, City Street was made of just paper in order to represent the ephemeral first impression. Paper is everywhere in the city, thus the reason that I decided that this would be the support that I wanted for this Installation.


The process in building these pieces was pretty simple but, at the same time, my mind and body had to connect in a ceremonial way. Taking photos all around my neighbourhood, then manipulating them on the computer, projecting them on the paper-covered walls, drawing some lines of the image projected on the wall was an ephemeral resolution.


The Street at the end, a real one, it is not; just as our impressions of things we see daily, are not. They are atomized by our time and experiences.



An installation based on my thoughts of human weakness. Power has traditionally taken advantage of this human characteristic to enroot its power and take advantage of it.  This particular piece was done during the first part of 2014 and represents a journey of my own life.


Inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins from the very beginning, through to the time of my working on this piece, I realized that our weaknesses, those that I was talking about, were weirder and indeed deeper than those named in The Ten Commandments or in the Seven Deadly Sins. But what was for sure, in all the cases, was that the characteristics of our humanity were taken to build the way to control our minds and feelings.


We are the product of an education and the values that were given to us through the system. That is what this work is about. Text, hidden from the public, tells about the sex industry and how it relates to the abuses that our soldiers have done in recent years following a pattern given by that business. In the same way, the viewer is not allowed to see the real paintings that are in a pile in this installation. They are there, but the only thing that they can see are photos of the same photos. A play that interacts with their own curiosity and then, new layers of meaning are to be discovered in this piece.


This Installation may not be a seminal piece, in the large picture of my work, but for sure it will constitute the base of things to come.



@2013 Guido Garaycochea.  All Rights Reserved