Artist Statement


I describe my work as an abstraction of dire and lost dreams that generates   tension between the different elements to push the viewer to bring to life new meanings from past relation with color, forms and shapes to the present. Created as a resume or an addition of many elements as a reserve of personal and collective memories intent to active to the viewer’s.  I address issues of history, race, poverty, migration but in all the cases, a misreading of the reality as a failure of dreams we came with a migrants and an invitation to give a new meaning to the surrounding unclear reality.


 As a result, my work became rich in textured layers and iconic elements that has evolved with time. I figuratively have incorporated both historical and contemporary references through a verity of materials such as pieces of old printed books that always find and drive my attention for some reason, a word, a sentence that will mean nothing later and which meaning will be then open to the public, Chinese joss paper that I deliberately decontextualize to freed it from its original religious/magic purpose potentiating its aestheticism as well as some other recycled materials that I put together as a collage that always will be altered by colors and transparencies as a metaphor of the process of time and life experiences.


The inner tension expressed by all different textures, motion or colors inside each work, asks for the participation of the viewer to rebuild the painting as a way to scape into their unthinkable memories in the land of the “It will never happens”, fleshy continents try to get together but never happens, mountains reveals some imaginaries bridges between urban developments and nature, forcing some breaking points where something new and unexpected begins as new meaning in the viewers’ mind…



With references to organic elements and different textures, I combine figurative abstraction with organic remembrances, layering, overlapping elements.  By doing this I create a new emptiness in meaning, driving the viewer out of its comfort zone that may not necessary brings subjects from its past into todays new meaning but creates tension which adds energy to the dynamic of the work.




@2013 Guido Garaycochea.  All Rights Reserved